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Perseverance running the race!
Perseverance is one of the most important character traits or "fruits" we can possess.  Let's take a look at a couple of SIX-TWELVES for meditat...

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Marriage Conference: Eden Restored
Join us for a good time at Eden Restored! Evangelists Morris Hunter joined Saxophonist Evangelist Paul Willams to provide music and lead worshi...

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Fundraising event. Food and music! Sat. Mar. 8

Donnie Pyle Fundraiser

UPDATE:  The fundraiser with Donnie was very successful as the target goal was met and then surpassed by over 3X the goal!  Great to see God's people pull together in times of need

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Evangelist Hunter @ New Start Church
Evangelist Morris Hunter delivering the Word of God @ New Start Church  in Dallas,TX with Pastor M. Brock   
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MHM December Events
 December looks to be a busy month for us:  We'll be ministering in music and worship, children's ministry along with teaching and preachin...

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